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Perth the capital city of Western Australia is one of the most isolated cities in the World. And it doesn’t worry me one little bit. If you do not fall in love with this city from this photo and many others like it then I don’t know what will.
This shot is an eastward facing 10 shot Panorama taken at sunrise from Kings Park.

Canon 5d Mark II
24-105mm f4.0L IS
T: 20secs
A: f9 @ 55mm
ISO: 100

Cathedral Gorge, Purnululu

A 106 image stitch of Cathedral Gorge. It is pretty surreal to just sit and listen in on wind passing through the gorge. Cathedral Gorge has been featured in a Qantas ad with the collaboration of the Australian Youth Choir and Australian Girls Choir singing here.

The gorge is located in the Purnululu National Park (aka Bungle Bungles) at Piccaninny Creek. Get there!

EOS Canon 5d Mark II

24-105mm f4.0 IS + CPol

A: f8.0

T: 5secs

FL: 24mm

ISO: 100

El Questro

El Questro gorge is situated on El Questro Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Another place you must visit when you are in the area. Well actually it is that good, I would make a trip up there just to see El Questro Station. The station itself if just under 1,000,000 acres in size, so there is a fair amount to see from Emma Gorge to the Zebedee Thermal Springs and El Questro Gorge.
I hope to return again in the near future and stay at the resort. It truly is gods country out there.

Canon 5d Mark II

24-105mm f4.0L IS +CPol

T: 2 secs

A: f8

FL : 24mm

ISO: 100