Pulsing Swells

Recently I had the privilege of shooting in the south-west with a group of photographers who I admire greatly. On one morning we headed to the pretty popular location of Sugarloaf Rock, as I had shot there on a few occasions I thought I would go for a wander around to see if I could capture some of the larger swell pushing towards the coast.
This shot shows the swell pulsing over the rocks just off the coast. Combined with the colours of the morning light, it made for a pretty epic sunrise.

– Pemberton Farmlands –


Driving around the farmlands yesterday trying to get my head around an area that I do not frequently visit, I noticed the clouds touching the tops of the Karri trees, and they even seemed to be seeding from the trees in some places.
This whole area is one I wish to explore a lot more, because in winter the fields turn a brilliant green.

This is a resubmission of an image I posted a few days ago.
Hope you like it.