– Pink Rain –

The sunset that occurred last night while waiting for the forecasted storms to arrive was nothing short of spectacular. As the sun dipped below the horizon the light hit the back of the rain and created an incredible glowing pink, that almost seemed to pulsate as the suns light hit different parts of the clouds.
It only last for about 2 minutes, but to witness it was amazing! I only wish that I time-lapsed it!

Not the strongest composition ever, but I could not go past capturing what I thought to be a special moment.

– Sugarloaf Swells –



I am still going through a few image from last weekends trip down south with StuartTina and Shirley. This one coming from Sugarloaf Rock, showing a very nice consistent surf break.
The south-west has arguably some of the best surf in the world, and this was a small day. If only a surfer was on the wave, you would be able to get a sense of the size it was coming through at.

– Wydalup Rocks –

Wydalup Rocks in another magical location in the South-West of Western Australia. A shot here not longer then a month ago and the sand I am currently shooting on was not there.

It is amazing how much can change in such a short amount of time.

Last weekend I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to shoot with a couple of incredible creatives, visiting a few different location around the Dunsborough region.

– Bunker Bay –

I am currently south at the moment attending a workshop to refine my photography skills a touch more. One of the massive positives being down here, is that I get to stay at the Bunker Bay Pullmans resort, right on the beach. Bleached white sand, clear turquoise blue waters, so I couldn’t resist a morning shoot down at the shoreline.
Hope you like my two shots I managed to capture this morning.

– Bunker Bay –

– Turquoise Waters –

I hope to capture many more images on my trip down here, so expect a few more posts……

Jindalee Beach Sunsets


Some days in the summer we are very lucky for a strong cool sea-breeze to come in off the ocean and provide relief. Sometimes however it calms down to a gentle breeze right before sunset, and provides a great time to get down the coast and get a few shots.

A couple of nights ago. the elements all lined up. The breeze calmed down, the clouds were high, and the ocean was clear as day.

I love Western Australia’s coast!

– Down from Above –

I have had this in mind for a while, but trying to find a suitable spot that fit well with a composition I was thinking of proved more difficult then first thought.
It is quite a bit different from the normal landscape shot, but I am quite happy with what I’ve got.

I think it’s come out something similar to Ignacio Palacios‘s work? Maybe not?

If you use your imagination, it is almost like you are flying high above mountains, with valleys in between shrouded in fog.

– Stormy Sunsets over Bunbury –

Winter has shown itself the last few weeks in the south west of Western Australia. Wet and windy conditions made for difficult conditions most mornings and afternoons, but I was lucky on this evening, the rain stayed away for a short while. The sun dropped below the horizon, and then the colour bounced through the sky.
A nice way to start my week in the south-west.

– Approaching Strong Squalls –

Yesterday (26/7) a series of strong cold fronts impacted the Western Australian south west coastline.
Not one to shy away from the opportunity to get a few photos, I thought it would be a good chance to capture a bit of colour at sunset.
Just my luck, as when I arrived another cell was about to cross the coast just to the south of my location at Jindalee.
I was in the best position to capture it, just before it impacted the coast. The system intensified as it neared the coast and bought with it very heavy rain, hail, and strong winds.

Southern Surprises #2

This is a redo of a previous image of mine. The reason for the update was that while I was going through some of my photos, I realised a few inconsistencies with this image. Mainly dust spots, that I somehow didn’t see before.
I hope you enjoy the cleaner, more clear ‘Southern Surprises’


“A week or so ago, I again had the privilege of shooting with Tina Bartley.
On a previous trip, we photographed the area not too far from here, and as we finished and drove home, I saw this beach just peeping over a hill as the road twisted its way over the headlands.
With no time left to shoot on that particular morning, I made it my mission the next time I was in the area I would get here and make sure I captured it.
One of many places scattered along the south coast that are just out of this world. White sandy bays, with turquoise blue waters, clear as day”

Colours over Jindalee


I havent been able to get away for photos of late as I’ve got my wedding coming up. So to get my photography fix, I have been frequently down at my local beach Jindalee.
Last nights sunset was a beauty with the clouds being lit up like fire, just as the sun was setting below the horizon.
The time-lapse came out a beauty as well. Another addition to the ever growing collecting now.