Port Hedland Sunset Loading


24 hours a day 7 days a week the Port is going full bore. Iron Ore of the highest grade is being exported to foreign countries at an amazing rate. This multi billion dollar industry cannot afford a missed tide, or a break down, with every minute costing an insane amount of money.
These ships are some of the largest in the world with a few bulk carriers having the capacity to carry up to 400,000 metric tonnes of Iron Ore.

This print is sized at 100″ x 17″.
Twice the length of my usual panorama’s.

– Reef Surprises with Dreamy Sunsets –


Sunsets are sometimes just sensational. This one was no different. I was in Port Hedland, and out shooting with another photographer Sheldon Petit.

The tide was quickly receding and water is left is this reef system. High tide has this reef covered by a meter or so of water. This is the first time I have experienced tidal movements of this scale, but it truly shows how incredible our world around us is. In a couple of hours time, you would never know this reef system even exists.

Sunset over Cooke Point, Port Hedland

This week I am visiting my brother and my best mate in Port Hedland. It is the first time I have visited the port town. My first day here and I was able to capture this sunset over the road of my mates place.

Another image I capture ( from my iPhone 5 ) from the plane as I was descending into Port Hedland. It shows a dust storm in the distance.