Top 12 Images of 2013

This year has been a big one in my life, my photography business has gone from strength to strength with a few of my images being displayed at Blue Lizard Gallery in Joondalup. Thanks to Erika for the opportunity and believing in my work enough to have it displayed. I look forward to continuing our work relationship into the new year and beyond. I also had 12 of my images selected to be used in the Surgical House 2014 Calendar. With well known photographers like Neal Pritchard and Glen Cowans being featured in the calendar in the past it was a real honour to be the featured photographer this year.
I also experienced my first cyclone this year while visiting my brother in Port Hedland. For a storm photographer like myself, that certainly was an experience.

Last but certainly not least, I finally took the plunge and married my best friend in front of my family and friends at the incredible Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali. Certainly the absolute highlight of the year, and I wish I could do it over and over again.

With the end of the year only hours away I thought now would be a good time to share with you what I think are my top 10 photos of this year.
The year saw me travel around the state chasing storms, visiting national parks, do a bit of flying all with my camera in hand, just waiting for that opportunity to arise to capture another image.
It actually is my top 11, as I had to include my lightning selfie here 🙂

I just love that photo, it is me in my element, and exactly where I love to be, watching the stars, lightning flashing in the distance, and thunder rumbling around me. Just epic.

Ok, so here are my top 10 photos for 2013 in no particular order.











So that’s it, my top 10 for 2013.

I would love to hear your comments, and whether you think other images could’ve been included.

Thank you to all my followers to my photography, and my blog. I hope you have had a successful and fulfilling 2013, and here to a better, stronger, and safe 2014.

Cya all in 2014 🙂

Kindest Regards,

Jordan Cantelo

Above Forrest Beach

Forrest Beach
I grew up down here. When I was a young boy, my dad use to take myself and my brother here to go hunt blue manna crabs along this beach. It brings back some sensational memories, and one particular time when a crab decided that it was going to have a go at chomping on my finger. Ouchie!!

Sometime I have to pinch myself while flying up and down this coastline. The bluest waters, the whitest sands that continue over the horizon, we really are very fortunate.

– Hidden Waterfalls –

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited in to a property NE of Donnybrook. The owner knowing that the recent rains were transforming the usually trickle of water going over the rocks, to a rush of water.
As this was an impromptu visit, I didn’t have my tripod with me. So this is a handheld shot, took me a few to get the focus and sharpness right, but I am stoked with the result.


– Point Peron –

After heading south to drop off a couple of prints, I thought I would extend the trip and head to Point Peron and photograph it for the first time.

I arrived early to scout the new surrounds, and found this spot a short walk from the carpark.
I would love to return here not only to take a few more shots, but the coastline is amazing. Maybe a dive around the place will be in order next summer.


While scouting for a suitable composition for sunset. I found myself distracted by the crabs doing their thing on the rocks. Another fascinating subject to capture at Point Peron. Amazing what you can find if you look straight down.

Strong Cold Fronts, Perth, July 26th 2013

Yesterday (26/7) a series of strong cold fronts impacted the Western Australian south west coastline.
Not one to shy away from the opportunity to get a few photos, I thought it would be a good chance to capture a bit of colour at sunset.
Just my luck, as when I arrived another cell was about to cross the coast just to the south of my location at Jindalee.
I was in the best position to capture it, just before it impacted the coast. The system intensified as it neared the coast and bought with it very heavy rain, hail, and strong winds.


This second photo is the same system as above just before it crossed the coastline. You can see how the rain sheet has intensified from the previous photo.

Later in the night, another series of storms swept through the northern suburbs and right over my place.
I don’t usually travel during these events, as 1) they are too dangerous to travel in, strong wind, heavy rain, and hail making driving very hazardous, mixed with over traffic. No thanks!, So when they come to me, I can just set up in my garage, and point my camera to the sky.


This time, I had a strike very close to me, and the thunderstorm ripper right over my head. As soon as this cloud to ground strike occurred, the loudest, most explosive thunder clap I have heard for a while shook the house.


It has got me wanting the spring and summer storm season to hurry up and arrive so I can head out to the Wheatbelt and capture this magical phenomena once again.

Stats from this cold from event.
( From the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)
A wind gust of 102 kilometres per hour was recorded at Ocean Reef at 7:30am.

A wind gust of 91 kilometres per hour was recorded at Rottnest Island at 12:21am.

Colours over Jindalee


I havent been able to get away for photos of late as I’ve got my wedding coming up. So to get my photography fix, I have been frequently down at my local beach Jindalee.
Last nights sunset was a beauty with the clouds being lit up like fire, just as the sun was setting below the horizon.
The time-lapse came out a beauty as well. Another addition to the ever growing collecting now.


Stormy Mornings in Bunbury


I was woken this morning by the deep rumble of thunder in the distance.
I am usually rather lethargic getting out of bed in the morning, but that beautiful sound that is thunder, I am up in a flash. I was dressed and ready to head out within a few minutes.

When I glanced outside, the early morning rays of the sun were just touching the base of the clouds. I raced down the stairs of my hotel room, jumped in my car and got to the beach.
This is what greeted me.


Swiss Alps


A few years ago now I visited the Swiss Alps while travelling through Europe.
This is one place I just fell in love with. Switzerland is out of this world. The deep valleys, surrounded by massive mountains.
We just don’t get that in Australia.

I would love to visit here again and spend an endless amount of time photographing it.
One day!

***This image is NOT for Sale ***

Fires seed Pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCb)

In the right conditions fires can produce enough energy to seed Thunderstorm development.
These thunderstorms can continue for a few hours in relatively the same position is the conditions persist.
The particular thunderstorm was linked to a series of thunderstorms along the Kennedy Ranges, North-East of Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Pyrocumulonimbus is the type of cloud you see here reaching upwards from the smoke.