Strong Cold Fronts, Perth, July 26th 2013

Yesterday (26/7) a series of strong cold fronts impacted the Western Australian south west coastline.
Not one to shy away from the opportunity to get a few photos, I thought it would be a good chance to capture a bit of colour at sunset.
Just my luck, as when I arrived another cell was about to cross the coast just to the south of my location at Jindalee.
I was in the best position to capture it, just before it impacted the coast. The system intensified as it neared the coast and bought with it very heavy rain, hail, and strong winds.


This second photo is the same system as above just before it crossed the coastline. You can see how the rain sheet has intensified from the previous photo.

Later in the night, another series of storms swept through the northern suburbs and right over my place.
I don’t usually travel during these events, as 1) they are too dangerous to travel in, strong wind, heavy rain, and hail making driving very hazardous, mixed with over traffic. No thanks!, So when they come to me, I can just set up in my garage, and point my camera to the sky.


This time, I had a strike very close to me, and the thunderstorm ripper right over my head. As soon as this cloud to ground strike occurred, the loudest, most explosive thunder clap I have heard for a while shook the house.


It has got me wanting the spring and summer storm season to hurry up and arrive so I can head out to the Wheatbelt and capture this magical phenomena once again.

Stats from this cold from event.
( From the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)
A wind gust of 102 kilometres per hour was recorded at Ocean Reef at 7:30am.

A wind gust of 91 kilometres per hour was recorded at Rottnest Island at 12:21am.

Great Majestic Skies

While out in the Wheatbelt last weekend trying to increase my ever growing portfolio of thunderstorm structure and lightning photos, I saw a perfectly positioned tree with a large maturing thundercloud in the background.
I slammed on the brakes on the backcountry road, shoved my gear into reverse and pulled over to have this scene right in from of me.
The mallee tree was the perfect subject to scale this cloud.
One of my favourites.

Lightning over Burns

I was very lucky to even get to this location as my mate and I had a very small window of opportunity to get the the beach and set up our camera gear before the severe cold front moved over the coast and through the Perth area.

But it was certainly well worth it in the end.

EOS 5d Mark II

24-105mm F4L with Lee Filters and CPol

T – 10/1 Secs

A- F22

ISO – 50