Lightning at Last


FINALLY!!! As with many of you, we woke this morning to the magical sound of thunder. Woohoo. 

I thought I had missed the boat, but just after 6am a cell decided to redevelop over my place in Butler.
Stoked to have got this shot, with no lightning trigger and handheld! Woohoo! First lightning shot with the zeiss!

Bring the storms!

Another underside shot from this morning.

Lightning over the Pines

Thunderstorms were forecast for Perth today, but were not forecast to develop until mid afternoon. That was not to be and as soon as I was awake at 630am, the rumbles were well and truly underway.
Daytime lightning photography is quite tricky, so I am stoked with this photo.

Plenty more to come, but they will have to be posted tomorrow and over the weekend.