– Down from Above –

I have had this in mind for a while, but trying to find a suitable spot that fit well with a composition I was thinking of proved more difficult then first thought.
It is quite a bit different from the normal landscape shot, but I am quite happy with what I’ve got.

I think it’s come out something similar to Ignacio Palacios‘s work? Maybe not?

If you use your imagination, it is almost like you are flying high above mountains, with valleys in between shrouded in fog.

– Stormy Falls –

Waterfalls within driving distance of the Perth CBD!!
Lesmurdie Falls is currently in full flow. After the recent rain I highly recommend to get there and see this magic waterfall flowing at full force over the escarpment.
I do advise extreme caution though, as the walk down is very hazardous, and with the recent very heavy rains, slip and trip hazards exist everywhere.
Several locations along the walk trail give great viewing of the falls.

– Karijini Landscape –

The Pilbara landscape is frequently referred to as ‘Gods Country” as you can see why. The contrast of colours, from the very bluest skies, to the never ending spread of yellow spinifex spread across the red parched land. It’s out of this world.

Karijini is at the heart of the Pilbara. The iconic national park is one of the most spectacular in the country with deep gorges cutting through the land.

One of my favourites to visit.

– Good Mornings –


Showers and the gentle rumble of distant thunder greet me outside my accommodation at one of my favourite places in the whole world, Karijini.

I remember waking up, making my west-bix and eating it on the porch, just watching this storm approaching over the brilliant red landscape.
The contrast of colours, on this particular morning was out of this world. The yellows/reds of the ground the rain being highlighted by the morning sun rays, all set on a dark and storm background.
One of those moments that never leave you mind. I am glad I had my first DSLR with me at the time. The trusty old Canon 30D.


Southern Surprises #2

This is a redo of a previous image of mine. The reason for the update was that while I was going through some of my photos, I realised a few inconsistencies with this image. Mainly dust spots, that I somehow didn’t see before.
I hope you enjoy the cleaner, more clear ‘Southern Surprises’


“A week or so ago, I again had the privilege of shooting with Tina Bartley.
On a previous trip, we photographed the area not too far from here, and as we finished and drove home, I saw this beach just peeping over a hill as the road twisted its way over the headlands.
With no time left to shoot on that particular morning, I made it my mission the next time I was in the area I would get here and make sure I captured it.
One of many places scattered along the south coast that are just out of this world. White sandy bays, with turquoise blue waters, clear as day”

– Frosty Mornings in York –

The town of York in the Wheatbelt region on Western Australia is renowned for it’s freezing temperatures in winter time. The beginning of July hasn’t been any different. The average minimum this month so far has been around the -2C mark, with the coldest being -4.5C. So with this in mind, I thought it would be a great opportunity to head out and try my luck at getting some images that captured the morning frost.

The night was very cold, and started with me getting some pretty cool Milky Way time-lapses in the clear winter night sky.
When the sunlight finally creeped over the horizon, I managed to get down to this location in search for a shot that captured the frost that York had been experiencing.
I succeeded here, just NE of the township.
Temp while shooting this pano, somewhere between -1C & -2C.


Frosty Mornings in Collie

I have been down in the Collie region for the last few days, and anyone who knows the area, will know that winter can certainly get pretty chilly here. This particular morning was certainly no different.
I have a habit of only wearing board shorts while I’m shooting landscapes, but after this mornings effort, I think my next morning shoot will have me wearing something a little more appropriate 🙂