– Karijini Drive –

A bit of discussion is going on in our house, with a trip up north slowly coming together. With that in mind I thought I would rummage through some files of mine from previous trips to Karijini. Sure the gorges are something else, and I love climbing down there, getting wet in the pools and taking photographs while the heat of the sun beats down on the parched Pilbara landscape. However, the landscape above is just as spectacular. Seasonal storms bring rain and brief relief from the heat.

Here is Mt Bruce, rising above the surrounding landscape. The second highest point in Western Australia behind Mt Meharry, just a short distance away.

– Karijini Landscape –

The Pilbara landscape is frequently referred to as ‘Gods Country” as you can see why. The contrast of colours, from the very bluest skies, to the never ending spread of yellow spinifex spread across the red parched land. It’s out of this world.

Karijini is at the heart of the Pilbara. The iconic national park is one of the most spectacular in the country with deep gorges cutting through the land.

One of my favourites to visit.

– Good Mornings –


Showers and the gentle rumble of distant thunder greet me outside my accommodation at one of my favourite places in the whole world, Karijini.

I remember waking up, making my west-bix and eating it on the porch, just watching this storm approaching over the brilliant red landscape.
The contrast of colours, on this particular morning was out of this world. The yellows/reds of the ground the rain being highlighted by the morning sun rays, all set on a dark and storm background.
One of those moments that never leave you mind. I am glad I had my first DSLR with me at the time. The trusty old Canon 30D.


Regan’s Pool, Karijini National Park

A spot that doesn’t get photographed from this angle often. I managed this as I took part in the West Oz Active gorge tour.
They provide a full days canyoning experience through the magnificent gorges.
If you do bring along camera gear, it’s best to let your guide know, and remember to also bring a dry pack. You will experience times where your gear will travel in the water, and could potentially be submerged.
Luckily I always travel with mine every time I venture up here.


Dales Gorge Sunset

Dales Gorge is probably the most visited gorge in the Karijini National Park. It is home to Fortescue Falls and the tranquil Fern Pool, a short walk upstream.

Department of Environment and Conservation camp grounds can also be found at Dales gorge, and for a small nightly fee you can set up for a few night to really take in one of the most gorgeous national parks in Australia

Hamersley Gorge, Karijini NP

Dry Rivers

The dry season in the Pilbara region of Western Australia brings with it little to no rain. In turn, transforming riverbeds into vast areas of dried creeks, filled with loose rock.
The Pilbara, is home to some of the oldest sedimentary rock found anywhere in the world.

Hamersley Gorge

Hamersley Gorge is located in the NW of Karijini National Park, Western Australia.

The waterhole at the bottom of the gorge is a welcome relief to travellers who can swim here during summer, when temperatures can reach in excess of 40C+ for days on end.

Millstream Sunset

A little while ago I visited Millstream National Park. The park is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, about 2-3 hours from Karratha. Millstream is known for the crystal clear natural springs that rise up out of the ground near the homestead in the park.
The Pilbara region of Western Australia is famously renowned for its stunning ranges, landscapes and iron ore mining. The sunsets aren’t that bad either.
Visit the Department of Environment and Conservation website to find all the info you want on Millstream NP as well as other National Parks in the Pilbara and Western Australia.

Canon 30D DSLR
17-85mm f4.0-5.6 IS USM + CircPol + Cokin Filters
A: f9
T: 1/6
ISO: 100

Karijini NP Gorges

Karijini National Park is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Several stunning gorges cut through the landscape and a couple are even accessible to walk through.
Dales gorge is located in the eastern end of the park and has the famous Fortescue Falls, with also Fern and Circular Pools close by. A camping ground is located at Dales Gorge and from only a fee you can stay here overnight and experience the area.
Weano Gorge is located about 40km (by road) west of Dales Gorge. Weano is famous for the spider walk and Kermits Pool, as well as many other features.
If you visit the park  I can tell you, you’ll not be disappointed. It is by far my favourite National Park I have visited, hands down.
I took another photo from above the park and that can be seen HERE

Canon 5d Mark II
24-105mm f4.0L IS USM + CircPol
T: 1/160

Mt Bruce

Mount Bruce is located in the magnificent Karijini National Park in Western Australia. It is the states second highest mountain at 1235m. Mount Bruce is a standout over the plains as the mountain sits just off the Hamersley Range. As turn onto Karijini Drive coming from Tom Price Mount Bruce welcomes you right in your face. You certainly will not miss it if you visit Karijini.

Canon 5d Mark II
70-200mm f4.0L USM + CircPol
A:  f4.0
T: 1/60
ISO: 100