Karijini NP Gorges

Karijini National Park is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Several stunning gorges cut through the landscape and a couple are even accessible to walk through.
Dales gorge is located in the eastern end of the park and has the famous Fortescue Falls, with also Fern and Circular Pools close by. A camping ground is located at Dales Gorge and from only a fee you can stay here overnight and experience the area.
Weano Gorge is located about 40km (by road) west of Dales Gorge. Weano is famous for the spider walk and Kermits Pool, as well as many other features.
If you visit the park  I can tell you, you’ll not be disappointed. It is by far my favourite National Park I have visited, hands down.
I took another photo from above the park and that can be seen HERE

Canon 5d Mark II
24-105mm f4.0L IS USM + CircPol
T: 1/160

Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park

Hamersley Gorge is located in the north-western area of the famous Karijini National Park. It is about a hour drive from the main rangers headquarters. A large part of the drive is on gravel road, so extra care should be taken if you decide to head up this way. You will not be disappointed if you do. The gorge itself may not be as spectacular as the main attractions at Weano and Dales Gorge, but it is gorgeous in its own right. While still visited by a large amount of visitors to the park it isn’t nearly as busy as the other two popular gorges and that is what makes it great to visit. As everyone knows it can get very hot in Karijini and the waterholes that accompany the gorges comes at a great relief for travellers.
When you arrive at Hamersley Gorge you take a short stroll down some stairs (be careful as some parts of the decent are a little steep) and you will arrive at the waterhole. If you have time to explore the area, I would highly recommend it. If you travel upstream for 5 mins you will come to another waterhole that is fairly secluded and a great place to relax and enjoy one of the Pilbara’s gem locations.

This photo is an older one taken on my last camera a Canon 30d .


10 image stich
Canon 30d
17-85mm f4.0 IS + Circ Pol
FL : 17mm
A: f10
ISO: 100
T: 1/200

Cathedral Gorge, Purnululu

A 106 image stitch of Cathedral Gorge. It is pretty surreal to just sit and listen in on wind passing through the gorge. Cathedral Gorge has been featured in a Qantas ad with the collaboration of the Australian Youth Choir and Australian Girls Choir singing here.

The gorge is located in the Purnululu National Park (aka Bungle Bungles) at Piccaninny Creek. Get there!

EOS Canon 5d Mark II

24-105mm f4.0 IS + CPol

A: f8.0

T: 5secs

FL: 24mm

ISO: 100

El Questro

El Questro gorge is situated on El Questro Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Another place you must visit when you are in the area. Well actually it is that good, I would make a trip up there just to see El Questro Station. The station itself if just under 1,000,000 acres in size, so there is a fair amount to see from Emma Gorge to the Zebedee Thermal Springs and El Questro Gorge.
I hope to return again in the near future and stay at the resort. It truly is gods country out there.

Canon 5d Mark II

24-105mm f4.0L IS +CPol

T: 2 secs

A: f8

FL : 24mm

ISO: 100