– Approaching Strong Squalls –

Yesterday (26/7) a series of strong cold fronts impacted the Western Australian south west coastline.
Not one to shy away from the opportunity to get a few photos, I thought it would be a good chance to capture a bit of colour at sunset.
Just my luck, as when I arrived another cell was about to cross the coast just to the south of my location at Jindalee.
I was in the best position to capture it, just before it impacted the coast. The system intensified as it neared the coast and bought with it very heavy rain, hail, and strong winds.

Storm fronts moving over the Perth Coast

Still not a whole lot of activity has been happening on the western front in the last few months, so again I have been wondering through the storm archives on my hard drive and found this image of the leading edge of a storm that passed over the Perth coast in December last year. Little did I know at the time I took this photo, that later on that evening I would capture some of my best lightning photos to date.
The rest of my photos (including the lightning I captured) from the night can be found here:

Perth Thunderstorms 12th December 2011

Details of this photo

Canon 5d Mark II
24-105mm f4.0 IS USM + CircPol + Lee Filters Soft Grad
A: f9.0
T: 1/5
ISO: 100

Anymore details, feel free to contact me at