First Light over Bali


This is a re-edit of a previous panorama. I loved this view so much I had to re-create a vision I had of this image when I viewed it again. I hope you like it.

“After starting out at 2am to climb Mt Batur on the Indonesian island of Bali, we eventually made it just in time for sunrise. We walked around the creator edge to hopefully get a better view away from the crown now gathering at the first summit (That point can be seen in the middle of the image, identified by the flags).
It was a great climb with my gorgeous fiancé Irene, and this is the sunrise we were treated to. Absolutely worth it. It is rated as one of the best volcano climbs in the world due to the classical volcano shape Mt Batur has.
Oh and if  you are wondering what the steam is coming out of the creator. Mt Batur is still an active volcano with the last eruption only in 2000”

Beautiful Bali

I have just returned from my latest trip to Bali. The whole reason for this trip was for my fiancé and I to find a venue for our wedding next year and I think we may have found a couple of very cool places. Exciting…..very much so. Bali is a place Irene and I have visited a few times of the last couple of years, and we just keep falling in love with it.
So after all the driving around, I was given a few opportunities to capture this amazing country and its landscape.
Click on each image for a larger view.

Sunrise over the Balinese Landscape from the Summit of Mount Batur

Hikers descending the eastern ridge of Mt Batur

The first summit of Mount Batur with Mt Arung in the background.

Tanah Lot Temple at sunset

Getting ready for a surf. Uluwatu

Helping Hand.
This family of Balinese locals got a ride into town from another local. The older man featured in this photo was asleep as we approached the vehicle and only awoke when I decided to take a shot. The 100% zoom on this photo has the man looking straight down the lens.
And as soon as I took the shot, he fell back asleep.