– Pastel Reflections –

I headed back out again with Shawn Hayward down here in Albany.
We arrived at Emu point, and it was pretty busy, people walking their dogs, kids running up and down the beach. Not the most ideal scenario to set up for a few photographs. However as the sun set, the crowd departed and left the beach pretty much vacant.
I hope you like my effort from last night.

– Distant Islands –

I caught up with friend and local photographer Shawn Hayward (VBI Photography) here in Albany yesterday evening as cloud started to become quite heavy over the coastal port city. I haven’t seen much of this cloud stuff for a number of weeks up in Perth, so the sight of it brought a big smile to my face.

Islands off the coast of Albany set up a great composition for another shot I’ve been wanting to get for a while. The south-coast, the place that just keeps giving.

– Milky Way on Show –


A few weeks ago I headed out to this lighthouse with fellow photographer Shawn Haywood, his wife Melanie and daughter Zoe.
No moon meant great conditons for shooting the Milky Way, but unfortunately I didnt come to prepared and I shot with a slow lens at f4.0.
Next time I wont make the mistake of leaving my faster at home.
Having not scouted the area previous to this visit, I was a little unsure about wandering to far from the path as cliff straight down the ocean were all around.
So I decided a time-lapse of Shawn and his family enjoying a night out under the stars.
This photo was one I took just before I started the time-lapse.

Early Morning Fun

The morning was crisp on the south coast, but that didn’t deter either my mate Buz nor I from heading to the beach for a spot of fishing.
After catching quite a few Herring , he saw a Salmon chase a school of fish towards the rocks. He quickly changed rigs and threw his line back in. Unfortunately after that no Salmon or Herring stayed around. Never the less it was a great morning to be out and about to enjoy what the south-coast of WA has got to offer.

Silent Sentry System – Saving lives in the South-West


Rock fishing is a favourite past time of many fisherman on the south-coast. The rewards of catching great fish can come with great danger of being swept out to sea by a rouge wave.
Many fisherman, even those who take great precautions, have lost their lives pursuing their love of this sport and it is now that these safety systems have been installed.

From RecFishWest.org.au
“The Nathan Drew Memorial Trust has installed Silent Sentry systems at six high-risk locations which include Salmon Holes near Albany, Lowlands Beach east, Lowlands Beach west, Bum Rock and the Deeps in the Lowlands Reserve.
The Silent Sentry system contains three ball floats surrounded by rope netting and a handle attached to hold onto. The floats can be accessed by pushing the retaining lever to one side.
Once this lever is pushed to access the floats a signal is sent out that contacts the local police, the WA Water Police and the Trust so that local Police can immediately initiate rescue operations. The Trust has estimated that the time between the lever being activated and the local police being informed should not exceed 5 minutes.
Since the installation of the first Silent Sentry system in 2004, they have helped to save the lives of three rock fishers in the south west.”

Worth a read for all rock fishermen

Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay


Little Beach is currently ranked #3 best beach in Australia.

Little Beach is quite that, Little. Located at Two Peoples Bay National Park in the Great Southern region, of Western Australia. The waters are turquoise blue, the sand it bleached white.
Bays like Little Beach litter the south coast, the water is quite cool, but can be refreshing when the temperature hits 40C.

Salmon Holes Sunrise


My final full day in Albany, I decided to join my mate Buz for a spot of fishing down at Salmon Holes.
The salmon are due to start moving through the area soon, but though we might be able to snag one of the early runners.

Unfortunately we didn’t catch any salmon, but we did manage plenty of herring.

The sky was overcast with a couple of small gaps, so the potential was there for a nice start to the day. Lucky I decided to bring my camera down.

Albany Whaling Wrecks

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with photographer Tina Bartley. I am always in awe of her work. Check some of her stuff out at

This is one of the panorama’s I managed. The ship in the background is an old chase ship used when whaling was being carried out in the area. Long gone have the whaling days of Albany, what is left provides great photographic opportunities . I hope you enjoy this shot.