– Wonderful Wheatbelt –

I use to think I had a favourite place to shoot, a favourite region of Western Australia that was just far above anywhere else. This thought process has completely changed. I have come to the conclusion that it is actually the whole state I am in love with. Each region has its special unique landscape that stands out from the others.
This shot is from the Wheatbelt, recent rains have filled salt lakes up, and brought colour back, if only for a short while.
The whole state is just incredibly spectacular.

Above Forrest Beach

Forrest Beach
I grew up down here. When I was a young boy, my dad use to take myself and my brother here to go hunt blue manna crabs along this beach. It brings back some sensational memories, and one particular time when a crab decided that it was going to have a go at chomping on my finger. Ouchie!!

Sometime I have to pinch myself while flying up and down this coastline. The bluest waters, the whitest sands that continue over the horizon, we really are very fortunate.

Perfect Pilbara


The Pilbara region is located in Western Australia and is home to Australia’s iron ore reserves. Other then mining, the region is consistently referred to as ‘gods country’, the reason being is its incredible landscape. It is very easy to just get lost in your own thoughts looking over the landscape from a high vantage point.
I am just biting at the bit to get back up there again.