Jordan Cantelo is an Australian landscape photographer who is passionately in love with the skies and landscapes of his home.

Jordan’s love for photography began when he started taking pictures with a disposable camera in high school, and blossomed when he later traveled to France with a friend. Experiencing the magnificent landscapes of the world fully opened his eyes to the possibilities of the photographic medium. He’s come a long way from that disposable camera of his school years: current gear includes Canon DSLRs, lenses from Zeiss and Canon’s L series, and an array of Lee filters.

Whether he is shooting rural scenes, waterways or cityscapes, Jordan looks for that single, ephemeral moment in which light, angle and subject magically come together.

He has discovered a new love for chasing thunderstorms, and is enjoying the pursuit of creating impactful photos of nature’s most electrifying show.

Jordan lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife Irene.