-Illuminated Pinnacles-

I ventured up to the Pinnacles a couple of nights ago to see if it could catch the annual Geminid Meteor shower.
It was a great show, at one stage in the morning after the almost full moon set in the west, we were seeing a few meteors a minute. A few, “did you see that, whoaaa, did you see that other one….”.
After last years effort and great show, and now this years, I will be sure to make this an annual event I will never miss.

My goal for the night was to capture a time-lapse of the night sky again, so not being able to move my camera around I didn’t capture many meteors. However the time-lapse came out great. (Will be released sometime this week)
I think I will need to invest in another camera shortly, to hopefully capture the ones I would otherwise miss.

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