Southern Surprises #2

This is a redo of a previous image of mine. The reason for the update was that while I was going through some of my photos, I realised a few inconsistencies with this image. Mainly dust spots, that I somehow didn’t see before.
I hope you enjoy the cleaner, more clear ‘Southern Surprises’


“A week or so ago, I again had the privilege of shooting with Tina Bartley.
On a previous trip, we photographed the area not too far from here, and as we finished and drove home, I saw this beach just peeping over a hill as the road twisted its way over the headlands.
With no time left to shoot on that particular morning, I made it my mission the next time I was in the area I would get here and make sure I captured it.
One of many places scattered along the south coast that are just out of this world. White sandy bays, with turquoise blue waters, clear as day”

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