Goomalling Lightshow

On the 6th of January, I was lucky to witness one of the most active storms of the summer season here in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.
I had thought I had lost these images after accidentally misplacing them while transferring the files off my camera. Thank god I did a random search through a few folders on my computer and found them again. I hope you enjoy viewing them.


-Electric Skies-

As you can see, this particular storm out in the Wheatbelt provided ample opportunity to us to capture lightning. The activity was out of this world.
This is what I love to capture, and all I can think about is getting out to the next system and capturing it.
I think I’ve found what I want to do.


-Active Strobe Show-

This particular night was so active, incredibly this is just a 30s shot. The bolts were coming down everywhere. The winds just in front of this system were very strong, at one stage I had to hop into my car, and hope to god my camera rig was sheltered enough not to get knocked over.


-Forked Light-
The cloud is the way it is, due to lightning strobing through the cloud during the exposure. One strike would illuminate the cloud in its current position, another strike several seconds later would freeze the cloud in that position, resulting in the effect you see here.

You can read the full chase report of the day HERE.


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